Sun City Anthem Authors

Writing. Getting back to writing. I have an assignment from the Sun City Anthem Authors. ( I started Anthem Authors in February, 2000, and wow, am I proud of this group.)

Write about a character and a setting. My character’s name is Max, and he’s going back to his apartment, where he lives with his father. He brings Bernie a pastrami sandwich, and I will write the dialog between them, thus showing Max’s personality and his beliefs, regrets, and fears.

I also love doing First Lines, to jumpstart my own writing process. And another trick I use is to open the dictionary, and pick up a person, place, and thing. I also write words that intrigue me. Like zing, sparkling, grocery store clerk, and a park. This sparks my writing sometimes.

If starting to write a memoir, I watch for memories that pop into my head while I’m reading a book, or watching a movie. I play games with: I remember, I wish I could forget, my favorite time, or my most traumatic experience.

Did you ever wish you could write a story? Go ahead and try.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene