Caregivers have courage. I admire them and I salute them. I hope my adopt a caregiver program reaches as many caregivers as possible. One by one we can do this together.

Their stories are both heartbreaking and heartwarming. As caregivers open up to me I try to get those stories out. Then hopefully people will start to adopt a caregiver.

As more people understand what caregivers are going through, they will be able to put themselves in the caregivers shoes. A simple email is all it takes. Say, I’m listening, I’m caring, and I will continue to write and be your friend. It only takes a few minutes of your time, and I guarantee that it will be self rewarding.

I am writing to four caregivers now, and those who have read my book, Behind The Mask, now tell me they never knew how hard it was. That is because we never talked about it, never opened up, never showed our pain and depression. Everyone else was doing their thing, having fun, going places, and caregivers don’t always have that option.

One person can make a difference, with a little help.

Send a caregiver an email, and I will thank you for that.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Behind The Mask, my secret journal is now available on my website.