A Blind Date In Baltimore, MD

My version of the story is he rang the bell, I opened the door, he came in, I introduced my mother to him and we went out. He was cute, he said he thought we were rich because my Mom was in the kitchen writing checks. He apologized for not having his own car, he had been in an automobile accident and was using a loaner.

He took me to Maria’s restaurant in Little Italy. We, at least, I felt very comfortable in his presence, and we ate and drank wine, and we talked for hours. I liked this good looking guy and hoped he would call me again. I was a little surprised that he did not try to kiss me good night, or rather I mean morning. I think it was close to three a.m. So what, I didn’t have to get up until six.

Howard’s mother told me her version. She said he came home and she asked him if he had a good time. He said I was a nice girl, but I talked too much. Then, she said, the next morning he was on the telephone talking to me.

He asked me out for a date, but I had already made other plans. (Before I went out with him) He asked me to break them, but I told him, I’d never do that to him, so why should I do it to anyone else. However, I had a lousy time, and couldn’t wait to go out with Howard again.

After that, neither of us went out with anyone else. Maybe it was love at first sight. At least we thought we were in love. The first date was September. We were engaged in December. And married in June.

We started our life with love and kisses and it’s still that way today, 61 years later.


  1. You just know when it’s right, don’t you Helen? You don’t see the many bumps in the road when that glow is around you, but it’s ok because you’ll get through them together. Love your stories!

    • Helene Moore says:

      Thanks Barbara. I do appreciate that you read my blog. It really is a very short account of how we met. I want to do more of these. A lot of people have asked me how we made our 61 years so good. We all know that all these years weren’t good…
      I read your last two stories. And I have to say I love your style of writing. When I write, everyone asks me where is the rest of your story, you need to flesh it out more. So I am trying to do just that. I might post a short scene on my blog from a short story I’m working on.
      Keep love and kisses in your life. H