A Small World

As I’ve said, word of mouth is potent, and that is evident as I’m finding out what a small world this is.

One of my books, Behind The Mask, went to someone I know, but she did not know it was me who wrote it. Another lived near me in another state, and we connected. Just think if every one told some one else about Adopt A Caregiver, in no time we would make this a closer and better world. We could wipe away some caregivers tears, not all of them, but some. That would make us all feel good, knowing we helped the caregiver.

Adopt a Caregiver is the subject of my talk tomorrow with the Henderson Senior Center. I’ll let you know about it tomorrow. I expect it will be great, with everyone listening and wanting to help. So far this group has been wonderful and willing to do anything they can to get my adopt a caregiver out there for the world to see and hear.

I’m waiting to hear from the Alzheimer’s Association. I know we can help each other, and they know the caregiver is important as is the patient.

Now I’m having some trouble with my computer, maybe someone will come to my rescue.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene