Adopt A Caregiver

To clear up any confusion about Adopt A Caregiver, first and foremost, there is nothing to join, and nothing to pay.

Adopt A Caregiver is a word of mouth program that starts in the community. Every community, whether it’s where you live, work, play or go to school has the same people coming together for meetings, etc. When you hear about someone who has become a caregiver, you already know this person, or someone you know, knows the person. It would be a nice gesture to offer to keep in touch, to be a friend because this new caregiver needs someone to talk to, even someone to vent to.

Together, we can wipe away some of the caregivers tears.

I am not sending strangers to your house or giving out your email addresses. I want you to know this person from your community.  it’s so simple, it can be hard to understand.

Any questions, contact me.

Give the gift that lasts forever, and costs nothing.

Adopt A Caregiver and tell them your friend Helene sent you.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene