Adopt A Caregiver

I spoke to a group of people today at our center. For me it was an amazing experience; no one asked any questions. They have my email address, and I hope to hear from they in the near future.

I hope I made myself clear and they now understand what I mean about my adopt a caregiver program. If nothing else I planted a seed in their minds. My message was received, hopefully they will take it home with them, digest it, talk about it, and then do something about it.

Behind The Mask is every new caregivers story. Standing in the new caregivers shoes gives insight into what the caregiver is thinking, how deep his/her emotions are and how helpless and hopeless they feel. Caregivers think no one understands their situation, and they don’t want to talk about it or be a burden to anyone. I wish I could buy a journal and a bright colored pen for all new caregivers, writing out their feelings helps, I know, because I did that. That is how Behind The Mask was written, and that is what makes it so powerful. I didn’t change the journal, I didn’t make it into a story, I just told it as it happened.

My passion for adopt a caregiver grows every day, and I will spend all my days making this happen. One person can make a difference, especially with a little bit of help. Your help.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene