Author Signing Today

Cheesecake and Crime is supporting local authors and today I signed my book, Behind The Mask there. Thank you for the opportunity to speak;  and your cheesecake is delicious. I met some wonderful people  today. Thank you all for coming and  listening.

If I planted a seed about my adopt a caregiver program, I’m happy. Word of mouth is potent and adopt a caregiver is so important to me. Caregivers are caregivers, 24/7, not only for Alzheimer’s Disease but all others as well. And caregivers are men, women and children. Don’t forget the kids. They too, are having a hard time and think no one understands what they are going through. Usually they are right.

If my book does nothing else, at least I know it helps everyone to understand what a new caregiver is going through. And that we do understand.

I believe in early diagnosis, and I’ve been reading that more younger people are being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. I also read there is about a 30% change since the early 2000’s if I can understand the statistics I’ve read.

It’s so important to keep the brain young. Write in a journal, it’s like writing a letter. Start with,  Dear Self and then talk and talk and write it all out. That is what I did, and yes, it did help.

Play scrabble on line, or any other game, anything that makes you think. Keep your brain young. Exercise it in any way you can.

I hope that word of mouth comes to your neighborhood, and that you will support my adopt a caregiver program. It is well worth the effort of writing an email and saying, I’m thinking about you, and I’m listening.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene