A Poem by Helene Moore

We are old

We are cold

We squeak

We leak

We’re old you see

As you will one day be

Still young at heart

Sill making art

And so it seems

We still have dreams


Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Gratitude of a new Great Grandma

Wow! Have been so busy watching this new baby, holding her, admiring her, not taking time for much of anything else.

Watching her face, stretching her arms and legs out, amazing sight.

Also, how much she has changed in the week she has been with us. A change, small, but interesting. Nothing like a new born baby to rev up your heart, your energy, and you gratitude

It was a rough birth, but that’s over and all that counts is that she is a healthy, and a happy and contented baby.

Beautiful, of course, no; rather she is gorgeous. I could hold her forever. Four generations of women. Now that’s gratitude.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

A Baby/A Miracle

My brand new great grand daughter was born this morning at !2:15 a.m. by C Section. Labor was prolonged and not progressing, baby was sunny side up, so at last minute they did the C Section.

Thank goodness it’s over. The baby is a precious miracle.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Love and kisses Helene

Send Some Cheer

Send someone in your community, a caregiver, an email. Let them know that you are there and thinking of them. Put yourself in their shoes for just a moment.

People like to know that you are thinking of them. It sparks their energy, it makes them smile and boosts their self esteem.

It only takes a moment to send an email. I know there is someone in your community that is a caregiver. Let them know you are thinking of them. Holiday time can be very difficult.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Adopt A Caregiver.

The Weekend

I’m looking forward to the weekend. I will unpack my winter clothes and put them away. I’ve already packed my summer clothes up, just have to find a place for them.

A little cooler today, nice weather though. Sunshine most of the time, my favorite thing.

Knitting a more difficult pattern blanket for the new baby. I  hope she comes before Thanksgiving. If not, well, it will be after.

Looking forward to knitting and reading and resting over this weekend, and I hope you all have a chance to do that also.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Adopt A Caregiver. Give the gift that lasts forever and costs nothing.

Grateful List

Thanksgiving is next week. I hope by that time I will have my new grand daughter, but if not it will only be a few days later. All I really want is a healthy little girl.

I’m grateful that the whole family will get together, or most of us. I’m grateful that my grandson is flying in from Minnesota on Monday night, and I am pleased that I can let him use my car.

I’m grateful that all my grandchildren are good kids, working hard, going to school ( two of them) and one is going to be a teacher, and the other, well, it’s too soon to tell. But, I know he will do well, and do something that he will love doing.

I’ve answered some tough questions in the last few days, some verbally and some in my head.

My husband asked how long my knitting phase will last, and I said, “Until my hands hold out.”

We also talked about age, and end of life issues, and most of this is in my head. One day soon, I will write it out, so there is no question that when the time comes, my wishes will be known.

Yesterday I bought more wool to make another blanket for the baby, today I bought three books. That is the extent of my spending. Everything else right now is not important.

Trying to think of something to buy my great grand daughter, that I can buy every year, so she will have a collection of  ???

Stay healthy, keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Give the gift that lasts forever and costs nothing.

Adopt A Caregiver.

Happy Holidays

I wish for all of you Happy Holidays. I hope no one is lonely, scared, and I hope all of you have friends and family close by.

There is nothing like friends and family at holiday times, especially if you are alone, or you are a caregiver.

Please think of those in your neighborhood, in your own community who could use a friend, an email, a phone call, a plant or a card. It takes no time, and yet means so much.

Give the gift that lasts forever and costs nothing.

Adopt A Caregiver, and tell them your friend Helene sent you.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Make Time

Make time to do the things you really want to do. Otherwise, they will never get done. Make a list, then star the three most important things, and work on them.

Soon we will be entering the new year. I’m not making any resolutions, they are always the same and they always never get done.

So this time, I’m just making a list and doing the three top priorities. Maybe this will jump start my creativity. I’ve been out of touch, out of writing. And writing is a habit, it gets better the more you do it.

I think I’ll start my list right now.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Books and Me

I am a book junkie, and I admit it. I can’t get near a bookstore without going in. And something usually jumps out at me. I don’t care if it’s Fiction or Non Fiction, if it jumps out at me, I look at it. The idea of a Kindle or Nook sounds pretty good, but I actually have to pick up the book, look at the front and back and read the first paragraph. It has to grab me.

Today I bought three books in two different bookstores. I’m bad. I bought David Horowitz’s book called, A Cracking Of The Heart and Stephen King’s book of short stories called, Under The Dome. The third book is by Sandra Brown.

Okay, so this should be my worst bad habit. And who says it’s bad. I love to read. Not much in the way of movies that grab me, they aren’t making movies for my age group. But books, I can always find something, even if it’s a cookbook, a self help book, a memoir, or even a romance novel.

Stay posted and I’ll let you know how I like each of them.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

To Those Who Serve Our Country

We thank you for serving our country to keep us free! I applaud your generosity and your courage. Men and women alike, you are all my heros.

I am 78 years old, but believe me if our freedom is attacked, I would gladly serve in any way I could to save our country.

A prayer goes up every day for all the armed forces of these United States.

Stay safe.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene