Behind The Mask by Helene Moore

I’ve been asked many times, “Why did you publish your secret journal?” Truthfully, I thought it might help caregivers to know that they were not alone, that their thoughts weren’t crazy.

I’ve heard back from people saying that my book did help. Comments from a father and son who said, “My father read your book, and he finally understood how hard it is to be a caregiver. ” This young man is in his twenties taking care of his father. Now his father has resumed many of his own responsibilities and the young man is free to be with his friends and to get out of the house more.

Many comments have brought tears to my eyes. But most of all that’s how the idea of Adopt A Caregiver came about.

People in your own community, whether it’s where you live, where you work, your social clubs, church, or synagogue, there are lonely, scared new caregivers. They need a friend, someone to talk to, vent to, someone who won’t judge them, someone who will encourage them to journal, to open up about their feelings. All it takes is an email friendship. It’s the gift that lasts forever and costs nothing.

Adopt A Caregiver, and tell them your friend Helene sent you.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene