Behind The Mask by Helene Moore

When my husband was suddenly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease I was beside myself. How could I keep smiling when I was dying inside? How could I keep this insidious secret. We were strongly advised not to tell anyone about his condition, since he was still a viable 63 year old man and working both as a consultant and  serving on two Boards.

What to do? Immediately, I started a secret journal where I poured out my heart and everything I was feeling.

Seven long, hard years later the diagnosis was changed to AAMI, Age Associated Memory Impairment. How was this even possible? I don’t know, and truthfully, I don’t care.

I do know that I finally found the courage to show him my journal, and he said, “It’s beautiful, it’s you, and you should publish it.”

Wow, what a reaction. Some other people had opinions about the book also; go after the medical profession for misdiagnosis, fictionalize the book and make it more interesting, I guess.

I chose to publish my journal exactly as written, and Behind The Mask became a reality. After publishing it, I realized it was the perfect catalyst for Adopt A Caregiver.

More about that tomorrow night.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene