Behind The Mask, welcome to my life.

Welcome to my life, which is filled with love and kisses, reading, writing, and knitting; not necessarily in that order.

Life has been stimulating and challenging since I published my book, Behind The Mask, several weeks ago. Mask has only been available a short time, but the comments and feedback I’m receiving are incredibly heartwarming, and I intend to share many of them with you.

I am inviting you to visit with me as I continue to update you on the things going on in my life. Right now, I am trying to sell my book, read, and knit scarves for underprivilged children in a near by school.

My books have been mailed to Hawaii, the East Coast, and to member of the armed services in Italy and elsewhere. All of these books are autographed and say among other things, ‘be safe, and thank you for keeping America free”

I welcome comments and feedback from all.

Next time I will be writing about some of these comments.

Stay well, and have a safe, healthy ‘journey’

Love and kisses Helene