Big Day Tomorrow

It’s my birthday tomorrow. That’s a big day. I will be 78, and birthdays are every day at my age. I love it.

I can do what I want, when I want, except for the doctors, lawyers, medical tests, and errands that need to be done.

I pulled out a big project yesterday. I found all my writing, (I hope) and put it into drawers so that I know where it is and I want to get to all the writing. My problem is I write, put it away, and I don’t edit it or do anything with it. It’s time to do something with it.

I’m working on a book. The beginning has had me stumped for years, but I think I know how to fix it now. And I need to keep working on it, and not put it away for a few years and then not know where it it.

So. my birthday resolution is to WRITE. My book, my Memoirs, my short stories, and a few poems. And I do some writing I call Ramblings. I take a word like: inspiration or courage or a cell phone and I just keep writing until I have no more words left. I’ll post one of them here one day soon.

My new is up and running, please visit.

I told you the other day about a few websites I love.

Especially look at www.tenderlovingeldercare and read the eulogy Linda wrote about her Mom who passed away a short while ago.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene