Birthday Party Saturday

Saturday afternoon is my husband’s party. He will be 80. That is a nice round number for anyone.

We are so pleased, proud, overjoyed, and blessed with our life. Our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are so special to us. Spending time with them is precious.

None of us realize how time quickly escapes us. I’ve noticed that I’ve become lazy, not writing at all. The yesterday I came across a letter written to my grand daughter in 1999, and I’m giving it to her again tomorrow. It is beautiful, in my opinion. But then, I was writing much of the time, and the words flowed easily. When I don’t write every day, it’s so much more difficult to express myself in terms of how I feel or what is important to me. I hope I will continue to write, as I’ve truly missed it.

The Genealogy is coming along. Slowly and painstakingly. It’s quite a job. Requires a lot of patience and checking and rechecking.  I have enlisted some help. We have uncovered a mystery that we are trying to solve, I suppose in time, it will check out.

In the meantime, be good to yourself and others. Always think about the caregivers in your community, they need friendship and help. Smiles help too.

Until next time, keep love and kisses in your life. Helene