Bits And Pieces of Life

Small bits and pieces make up a life, or a day. It’s what you do, what you dream, what you don’t do.

The stitches came out of my finger yesterday, and now I can type on the computer. Felt good to do simple things, like wash my two hands. Couldn’t do that for two weeks. A strange feeling. Tomorrow I’m going to the knitting club at our center, but am not sure I can knit. But I will try.

A blog reader sent me a beautiful email; about how lonely and difficult being a caregiver is. She also said although the times were difficult, she would not change the lessons learned from this experience. Neither will I.

It taught me to be compassionate for those less fortunate than we were and how to live in the moment of every day. To be grateful for the sunshine, the laughter, the flowers and trees, and most of all for our family who were always there when we needed them. Love and kisses and strength and faith got us through those awful times.

I wish someone would ask me, “What do you see for the future?”

My answer would have to be, “I wish someday there would be no need for caregivers. I hope that people all over would listen to their hearts and give something back. I wish everyone would adopt a caregiver.” That would be my answer.

Fibromyalgia is alive and well in my body today, yet I felt the need to write.

This is the bits and pieces of my life today; with random thoughts, wishes, and dreams.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Write and let me know your bits and pieces.

Read Behind The Mask and know what it feels like to be a caregiver.