Bits And Pieces

I always keep a folder handy, called Bits and Pieces, and I throw in bits and pieces of writing that I want to remember.

They could be quotes, poems, my own writing, or  writing from someone else.

I want to share some of these  with you, whether you are the caregiver, or someone thinking of joining my journey to  Adopt A Caregiver.

One is a poem, I have no idea where it came from, or who wrote it, but it resonated with me to my core and I saved it. It reads,

“Depression hovers and hangs over me like a living thing. It swallows me, it starts at my edges and takes small bites–then keeps eating away in my head–till I am no more.

I am consumed by this thing. I want to fight back, but, I let it take me-it’s so easy to be eaten alive-bit by bit, by words, by anger, by resentment, till there is nothing.”

I wish I knew who wrote this piece of writing, it’s so very powerful.

On a lighter note, I think caregivers should journal, and I will talk more about that later this week. But for now, if you are a caregiver, give yourself some slack. Don’t beat yourself up!

Tell yourself, that just for today, I will live in this moment, and not be angry, or frustrated no matter how hard the day is.

Tell yourself that just for today, I will dress myself, put on makeup, and comb my hair, just for me. I will not let myself go..just for today.

Tell yourself that just for today, I will reach for a pen and paper, and pour out my thoughts. I will vent away all my fears, all my anger and not stuff everything inside. Here on this paper, I can complain, whine, and let my words cry for me.

Tell yourself that just for today, I will be grateful for something. Maybe someone will call or email or just get in touch. Maybe a friend will reach out.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene