Caregivers Take Care Of You First

If I’ve learned one thing these past few months, it’s that you have to take care of you first, or you are no good to anyone else. I’m into my second week of antibiotics, the bronchitis is getting better, but I am still exhausted. Hard for me to keep my eyes open sometimes.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is to take care of yourself. As much as you can, as often as you can. Try anything, from music to writing, to aromatherapy, hot tea, light a candle, meditate for five short minutes, try something.

I’ve missed reading other people’s blogs in the last couple of weeks, yes, I have much to catch up on, but I’m not quite there yet, and I know myself.I have to get myself better first.

And while you are doing what you can, be aware. Be aware of everything around you. Pay close attention to phone calls, and knocks on your door.Skilled con artists are scamming caregivers and seniors.

In the meantime for the rest of you out there reading this. Give the gift that lasts forever and costs nothing. Adopt A Caregiver in your own community, and tell them your friend Helene sent you.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene