Chronic Fatigue

For the last three weeks all I could do was sit in my recliner. Too tired to think, to knit, to write, to care about anything. It’s been a nightmare of lost days. Time I’ve lost due to complete fatigue. The last time I had it this bad was when I had Pneumonia several years ago.

Today was the first day I’ve felt almost human. Weak as a kitten, hard to concentrate, but at least up and out of the chair for a few hours. I did get to answer some emails, I filed some papers away, and tonight I am going to wash my hair.

Imagine being a caregiver and having Chronic Fatigue!!!

Support the caregivers. Adopt A Caregiver. All it takes is an email, or a phone call. Please help those who can’t help themselves. Word of mouth is so potent, lets get this journey moving into the right directions.

Too tired to talk more, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Keep love and kisses in you life. Helene


  1. Sandra Watkins says:

    Helene, I hope today you are feeling better. I know what
    it is like to have chronic fatigue. As we have discussed, I
    also have CLL and this year I have gotten much better.
    In 2006 & 2007 there were days, that I just was to tired to move. All I did was rest and sleep on certain days. I am much better this year. I only have a few days that I need to rest. I pray that you will get better, and you plan
    on that happening! I had 40 people from all different religious back grounds pray for me, and most of them asked friends and family to pray also. Then there were friends that put me on prayer chains, so then I had thousands praying for me. I know it worked, as I have had a turn for the better. I did ask them to pray for me, as if I didn’t, then how would they know that I needed all the help I could get.
    I will pray for your health, and ask my friends to pray for you also.
    I will see you on Friday–keep knitting!!!