Couldn't Sleep, Thinking About Blog

Silly, isn’t it? But it kept me up, and here I at at 4am. in the morning hours sitting at my computer. Wondering what I wrote last night that didn’t get saved.

I want to thank for the nice mention of my book, Behind The Mask. I think you all would like to read his blogs.

Another mention I got was from who also mentioned my book, and my Adopt A Caregiver program. Thank you so much.

I heard from a caregiver yesterday. She  said peole call her and dump on her about their illness, their medications, and so I say to you Dot..start a journal, write your memoirs, you write well. Don’t let these people continue to talk to you, tell them you have your own problems, and don’t need to hear theirs.I was reminded about a friend who had a dinner party, and she told all her guests there would be no mention of operations, doctors, illness, medications. She said, “There was no conversation.”

I’ve mentioned my Chronic Fatigue for the last eight weeks, I don’t talk about it to friends, I do mention it here in the blog sometimes because again this is something no one knows much about. This last bout came as a reaction to a shot. And I want to thank my husband. He’s been wonderful, never complains if I don’t feel like making dinner, he never complains when I sit in my lounge chair all day in my office, or when I say I don’t feel like doing anything. He’s an exceptional man, and he’s still my handsome here. Our love affair has been going on for over 56 years. I get a love note every morning. Yes, we are blessed.

So, this has turned into a bits and pieces blog.

I have a big day tomorrow. And tomorrow night I’m going to an internet workshop. I know I will be learning new things, and I need to learn more.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Adopt A Caregiver and tell them your friend Helene sent you.