Feeling Better

How nice to feel better. Only had two naps before 1:30 pm. today! Yuck.

But the rest of the day went well. Did some catch up work, some knitting, watched a movie with my husband and had to put my thinking cap on about Adopt A Caregiver.

We are working on Adopt A Caregivers new website and I want to put everything possible on it to inspire others to look into their community and Adopt A Caregiver. Caregivers are in every community and they need our help and our support.

I wrote something a long time ago called “No One Adopted Me”  my daughter said it was too harsh without some explanation. How much explanation does it need. The title says it all. It will be included in the new website. Coming soon. I will let you know as soon as it is up.

I have to review the content, and the text,  and send it off to my web guy and then he will set it up. I can’t wait. Now you know I am feeling better.

Give the gift that lasts forever and costs nothing. Adopt A Caregiver and tell them your friend Helene sent you. Just an email to let them know you care and you will stick around and listen.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene