Getting Something Done

Finally, I feel like we are making some progress with our move. I’m still going through my office, but am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We are having an art auction on May 2, 2009, and if you like I will keep you posted as it will be seen on the internet.

It is a lot of work, and I am working hard, but I think it’s more under control now. I have another load of things for the Henderson Senior Center. Things like wool, needles, pencils, paper, notebooks and some craft items. I’m sure they can use them all.

Went to AA today, (Anthem Authors) always fun, since our stories are so varied. I will continue to monitor ther website even after I leave. Anthem Authors is my baby, I started it in February of 2000 because I wanted to learn how to write. I am so proud of them and what we have all accomplished and learned over the years. I will write a farewell speech and probably cry, but I will do it anyway.

Now it’s back to cleaning out the storage in my office. My new office will be less than half the size. So I have to be careful what I pack to take with me.

In the meantime, remember to Adopt A Caregiver in your community. We must help support the caregivers. They are there, right in your own neighborhood. Tell them your friend Helene sent you.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene