Give The Gift That Lasts Forever, And Costs Nothing

That’s right! Adopt a caregiver. That is the gift that last forever and costs nothing.

Costs nothing to be a friend, to listen, to just be there. If you want to do more, that’s up to you. I can give you a few ideas. A simple phone call to say hello. A visit when it’s convenient for the caregiver. Bring a sweet, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together. Just make sure it’s a good time for the caregiver.

Then further, there is a small plant, a book on tape, that journal I talk about with  brightly colored pen or pencil. A funny gift from the 99 cents store. Just something to show you are thinking abou them.

If you Adopt A Caregiver, you give the gift that last forever and costs nothing. What a wonderful way to give back, and to help someone who needs a special someone. You. Tell them I sent you.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene