Give Yourself A Break

There isn’t much good news out there. So give yourself a break. Light a candle, have a cup of tea, be grateful for the day and the sunshine (if it’s there) write down some things you are grateful for, especially the little things.

We are working hard around our house, going through files, books, all kinds of stuff so we can move back to California. Didn’t we pick a great time to do this?

My husband’s car is in the garage. We have areas for trash, Goodwill, garage sale, and the Henderson Senior Center since they are kind enough to take books, pens, paper, all manners of odds and ends. I told them they will probably need a bigger center. I hope it helps them, even if they have a garage sale They are the hardest working people helping people I know. I salute you guys.

In my office, I have done about 25%. I still have drawers, file cabinets, pictures, junky things that I like and will have to get rid of. I keep telling myself, the move will take months, maybe a year or two with the economy the way it is and getting worse every day.

And then I give myself a break, and tell myself I will have more time for Adopt A Caregiver and for my writing. I have many writing projects to finish. My memoirs, short stories, First Lines, and ideas for two books, maybe three.

I will keep in touch with my friends, old and new. I will treat myself gently. And I will get my office cleaned out and better managed in the future. (Ha Ha)

I am grateful for everything I have. I feel blessed and I am going to be so happy to be back with my family.

Give the gift that lasts foreve and costs nothing. Adopt A Caregiver and tell them your friend Helene set you.

Keep love and kisses in you life. Helene