Grateful List

Thanksgiving is next week. I hope by that time I will have my new grand daughter, but if not it will only be a few days later. All I really want is a healthy little girl.

I’m grateful that the whole family will get together, or most of us. I’m grateful that my grandson is flying in from Minnesota on Monday night, and I am pleased that I can let him use my car.

I’m grateful that all my grandchildren are good kids, working hard, going to school ( two of them) and one is going to be a teacher, and the other, well, it’s too soon to tell. But, I know he will do well, and do something that he will love doing.

I’ve answered some tough questions in the last few days, some verbally and some in my head.

My husband asked how long my knitting phase will last, and I said, “Until my hands hold out.”

We also talked about age, and end of life issues, and most of this is in my head. One day soon, I will write it out, so there is no question that when the time comes, my wishes will be known.

Yesterday I bought more wool to make another blanket for the baby, today I bought three books. That is the extent of my spending. Everything else right now is not important.

Trying to think of something to buy my great grand daughter, that I can buy every year, so she will have a collection of  ???

Stay healthy, keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Give the gift that lasts forever and costs nothing.

Adopt A Caregiver.