Happy And Healthy New Year

Here’s to the New Year, 2010. My how fast the time flies as you get older.

This has been quite a year for us. Moving back to California, and having a new great grand daughter. And in May we will have a new great grand son.

There will be no New Year’s Resolutions, because I never keep them

. So this year, it will be projects. I’ve already finished a huge one this week, and now am working on getting my writing organized. Believe me, that is a huge job. I’ve just always stuck the papers into a folder and never sorted them into the correct categories. I have poetry, ramblings, memoirs, and short stories all mixed in together. I never edited anything I wrote. Time to do it.

I will try to begin writing every night on the blog, like I did before. Thank you all for listening and reading and for your comments.

Take good care, stay healthy and see you next year.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene