Home Again

Wow, we are home. In the five days we have been gone, we have managed to do a lot of different things.

Like, go to my granddaughter’s surprise birthday party. And that was great. Special!

We spent days looking at places to rent/buy in Orange County and on Friday afternoon, we rented an apartment. We do make decisions. We will probably move the middle of May or the beginning of June.  So much to do now. Go through the house and get rid of stuff, since we are downsizing quite a bit. Actually, a bit more than half.   Clean out drawers, cabinets, kitchen stuff, and closets. We did that once, now I see that we have to do it again.

And then, there is the matter of my office. What a lot of work that will be. My granddaughter and her husband are coming here late Thursday night, and Friday and Saturday and part of Sunday, we will all be working in my office. At least I will have help.

So friend, I am very tired, and have to unpack and get rid of the 100 or so emails that I won’t read, and have to get ready for our Anthem Authors Memoir Workshop tomorrow. I will have to work on that tomorrow morning.

I will talk to you tomorrow.

Give the gift that lasts forever and costs nothing. Adopt A Caregiver and tell them your friend Helene sent you.

Love and kisses Helene