How To Adopt A Caregiver

I’m still learning all the ways to Adopt A Caregiver myself. Speaking to individuals and groups of people have inspired and motivated me to help caregivers find support and help.

Every community has someone who is a caregiver. Find out if they have a support group. Call them and tell them you want to Adopt A Caregiver. Explain to them exactly what that means. Ask your doctor if he knows someone who would benefit by your emails. Find out in church or synagogue, the caregivers are out there and they all need someone to listen and care without judging.

New statistics show that by 2010, which isn’t that far away, there will be a 38 % jump in Alzheimer’s Disease in Nevada since 2000.

The Lou Ruvo Brain Institute here in Nevada is a wonderful site to look at, they are doing great things and making huge strides in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Every day I hear stories that make my heart cry. Lets try to stop some of the tears.

I put two people together and I heard today that these two women had a phone conversation and it worked. Thank you so much. It’s so nice to hear a story that works out the way you would like to see it work out.

Hopefully in the near future, together with your help, we  will be able to connect more people together.

Let’s all Adopt A Caregiver. I have four.

Thank you Lisa for your kind words.

Keep love and kisses in your life Helene