I Am Thankful

Today, I read so many things; blogs, stories, and my at my writing meeting more stories and memoirs, and I wanted to say how grateful I am. Sometimes we just need to reach out to people. Different kinds of people, people we don’t normally respond to. Just smile. Just send an email. Just be a friend.

There are so many people hurting today out there in the real world, yet we all have things to be grateful for. I think everyone should write down at least three things every day they are grateful for. For me, the number is about ten things, and then I usually can go for more.

Today, I am grateful for the warm sunshine that warmed my Fibromyalgia bones. For feeling better than I have for the last eight weeks, results of shot that set off a huge Chronic Fatigue attack. I am grateful for my family and I am going to visit them a week from today, and I can’t wait. I am grateful for the little things, that I can read, write, do the things I want, within reason. It’s my life and with the support of my husband and family I am grateful I can do them.

I am especially grateful that my husband, Howard supports me in my passion for Adopt A Caregiver. I’s time consuming; emails, phone calls, making my dream of helping caregivers everywhere come true. One by one, word of mouth is working.  We can wipe away some of the caregivers tears.

I am grateful just to be here, to write on my blog, hoping someone is reading and listening.

For me, for now, that is enough. True wealth is family and friends, and leaving a legacy of love and kisses.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Adopt A Caregiver, tell them your friend Helene sent you.