I Want

I want to change the caregivers world.

I want to make everyone aware of what the caregiver is going through, that much of his/her life is gone.

I want to take away the stigma from Alzheimer’s Disease.

I want caregivers to talk, to vent, to journal, to open up so others will understand what they are going through.

I think that’s one reason I published my secret journal, Behind The Mask. Let the facts speak for themselves. My emotions, my guts are in that journal. T My book is every new caregivers story.

I want everyone to Adopt A Caregiver. I want every caregiver to have a friend, someone they can talk to, vent to, let them into their lives. It only takes an email, or a phone call. What do you have to lose; nothing. But you have everything to gain. Helping someone in pain, alone in their misery, giving something back.

Times are bad enough, don’t make them worse. Do something worthwhile. Adopt A Caregiver. Nothing to join, nothing to pay, just find a caregiver, they are in every community, and write them an email. Tell them I sent you.

If you are the caregiver, and someone emails you or phones you and asks, ‘Can I do something?” Open up, let them help. Keep a list by your phone and your computer. Tell them you need a joke, or a pretty picture. Or just someone to talk to for a minute.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene


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