I’m Here Again: How Do You Do It All

Hello everyone. I’m curious to find out how you all do everything?

How do you post on your blog, write your book, answer all your emails, spend time with family, do your errands and shopping, take care of your house and be the wonderful wife our husband’s want? Read more writing books because we want to read them and keep learning?

Whew that is exhausting.

Guess my eighty four years is showing, although my age never bothers me.

I am writing a book, something I have never attempted before and this time I promised myself that I would finish it. Still a very rough first draft, but it’s moving along just fine for now.

All is well in my house. I’m still driving, my husband has become my co-pilot and I like that he is there to help.

So people, tell me, how do you do it all?
Keep love and kisses in your life.


  1. Janet Sonneville says:

    Hello, Helene, it’s so good to learn all is going well for you and for Howard. Keeping busy is one of the things that help keep you young (at least that’s what I tell myself when I’m feeling worn out and trying to find time just for “me”. I do believe it’s true, though, as long as we do give our bodies “down” time.)
    Glad you’re writing again. I am a dry well. I hope that once I do retire, maybe only working part time for a couple of years, that the words will gush again. Between working full time and kids and grandkids and helping with my mother and multiple animals and sporadic church activities, there is no time for “creative flow”!
    That being said, I am well and happy. We are so very blessed! Yes, we’re dealing with problems-hubbie Greg is in pain management for four herniated discs, our youngest, David, has serious legal issues, the older son Robert is struggling financially while pursuing his education, Liz has filed for divorce, Jessie is learning that two in diapers and working part-time and maintaining a house and 25 acres can be exhausting…but we have each other and we have God, so we hold onto those things that are good and let God walk us through the rest.
    Every morning the sun rises over the back pasture of the farm: a glorious palate of colors, or a soft, fog-clothed scene, or even hidden behind dark clouds with rain and thunder and lightning. Each dawn (yes, I am up most mornings to see it as I get up around 5) reminds me how precious life is…how precious my loved ones are…how much I am loved now and will be still when this phase of life ends and the next begins. To me, the love is everything; the struggles simply part of the journey we all make.
    We are considering moving and I will truly miss those sunrises over the pasture and the lone pine tree silhouetted by that brightness if we do move. But I’ve been remembering how I loved living on the lake (many, many years ago!) and have been thinking about a much smaller place, maybe even a townhome, on the water. Greg loves to fish and for me water has always been soothing and inspirational. I’ve been driving around Lake Conroe, the closest big body of water, because I want to stay near my family. Like with you and your family, their presence makes my life full and satisfying.
    Love from Texas!

    • Helene Moore says:

      Oh Janet, so good to hear from you. It’s been ages, although I see your family on F.B. all the time, beautiful family and grandkids. Love that you all are close. We are too. Kids live close by.
      As I read your glorious review of the sun in the pasture, you have not lost your writing skills. I do hope you sit down one day and just start to write.
      I haven’t written for about a year, just some fluff stuff for homework for my writing group, but this time I am going to finish this book that I have started. I’ve never finished anything I have ever wrote. This piece I started from the beginning and so far the few that have read it like it. Finally, at 84, I feel like a writer.
      You and Sharon are tremendously terrific writers, and I always thought I couldn’t keep up with you. I still see Sharon abut once every month or two.
      So good to hear from you.
      Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

  2. I can’t do it all any more than you can, Helene. I do what I feel like doing, these days. Isn’t that the point of being retired? Keep doing what you’re doing, it seems to be working just fine!
    All the best,

    • Helene Moore says:

      Always so nice to hear from you. I’ve been following your blog posts and loving them. I thought when I moved here into the 55+ and so very close to my kids, I’d be free as a bird. But instead, I started to write a book, and I’m doing it finally. Never showed anyone my writing, just wrote, shoved it in a folder, and never looked at it again. This time I’m determined to finish it.
      We used to have a house in Longport, not so far from you. I know that kind of life is super great, I miss the ocean and the long walks we used to take, well neither of us can do that anymore. But for 84 and 85, we are doing just fine. Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading.
      Keep love and kisses in your life.

  3. Does anyone really manage to do it all? I think it’s like one great juggling act: sometimes some of the balls are up and others are down and at other times other balls are up and still others are down. But if you ever learn the secret of how to keep all those balls up at the same time, I’d love to learn it Between studies, work, and family obligations, my writing ball has been down for a while. I don’t seem to manage more than low level attention to it. But that’s life.

    • Helene Moore says:

      Hi Mirel, it sure is a juggling act. I’ve started to write a book, my very first one, and am doing the first rough draft. Happy and Healthy New Year. Keep smiling and remember, it’s one day at a time. That is what I’m trying to do. So nice to hear I’m not the only one struggling with time. Lots of family, even though we don’t go out, they come here, usually bringing their own dinner. Don’t know how that started. If we are a lot of people we bring in food.
      Busy week coming up, 2 of my great grandchildren coming in this weekend, with their parents from Shanghai. My youngest great grandson has a mild case of Retrovirus. He is coming home from hospital today.
      So, life is good. I’m so blessed.