It Takes One Person, One Idea

Yes, one person can make a difference, one idea can change the world as we see it.

When my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 1993, I thought my world came to an end. I wrote in a secret journal, I tried to smile. We had to keep it a secret and that was the hardest part.

When they changed the diagnosis in 2000, our world opened up and we smiled again. I showed my husband my journal and he said publish it. So I did last year. Behind The Mask was the catalyst for my idea for Adopt A Caregiver.

All it takes is an email to someone in your own community who is a caregiver. They would be so grateful for a friend, someone who listened, who let the vent, who didn’t judge. After all, you can’t judge if you haven’t stood in their shoes!

Behind The Mask is standing in one person’s shoes.

Adopt A Caregiver. It’s the gift that lasts forever and costs nothing.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene