Journal Writing

Several people have asked me about writing in a journal. I tell them it’s pretty simple. You can start wtih a prompt like: I want to, but; I wish I could; I’m angry about; today I; or simply say, this day stinks because..

Pick an emotion and start writing. For instance I found myself a little bit angry today because I didn’t feel as good as I did yesterday. Once or twice I took that anger out on someone else, and I didn’t like myself for that. But it’s real. and that’s what makes it good writing, or good righting. Julia Cameron’s words not mine. But she is correct. writing can sometimes make something right.

If you get stuck on the page, just say I’m stuck and keep going. Usually you will find that once you start you might not be able to stop and that’s okay. This is especially good for caregivers. In fact it’s good for everyone. We all need to vent sometimes, somewhere safe.

My book, Behind The Mask, started out as a secret journal when my husband was suddenly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 1993. We had to keep it a secret because of his work. Seven years later, they changed the diagnosis, and when I finally showed him my journal he said, get it published. It might help someone else.

Behind The Mask is every new caregivers story. After I published it, I realized it could help caregivers. Let others know what it’s like to stand in a caregivers shoes, what it feels like every day.

And so, Adopt A Caregiver was born. So easy to do, find someone in your community and contact him/her. Let them know you want to be their friend, and check in with them by email or phone. That is another way of venting.

November is National Caregivers Month.

Adopt A Caregiver, it’s the gift that last forever and costs nothing. Tell them your friend Helene sent you.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Let me know how you make out.