I promised I would write about my lists. It is a disjointed mish mash of things depending on where in my life I am, or what I jot down at this moment in time.

For instance, when Howard was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1993, the lists I wrote were:

things to make me laugh, music to make me cry, things I should be grateful for, better memories, things I wish I could do, lists to make me forget. If only this wasn’t happening to us.

The times I wanted to write some of my memoirs there were other lists:

my favorite things, things I miss, start with I remember, I forget, I’ve changed, I’ve stayed the same, I am, I hope, I believe, I wonder, I know, I don’t know, choices I’ve made in my life, choices I should have made, if only, and questions, questions, questions.

When I want to write I think about:

100 things to do before I die, intriguing situations, characters I have known, what do I want to leave as a legacy, things I want to learn, pet peeves, cliches I like, books, movies, and most of all words.

One of my best short stories started with three words. That is a fun exercise to do.

Follow the whisperer in your ear. Just be, let it come to you.

Make your own lists.

Keep love and kisses in your life, Helene