Love And Kisses

A sixty-one year love affair, still going strong, maybe stronger than ever. We met on a blind date. Recently I told Howard I didn’t want to go out on that blind date, but my Mom insisted, in fact she pushed me out the door. He was flabbergasted, said he never heard that one in all these years.

I’m so thankful I went out with him. He arrived in a rental car, having had an accident that day with his own car. He was fortunate that his uncle owned a Ford agency and loaned him a car.

He took me to little Italy to a restaurant named Maria’s. They took us downstairs and seated us at a nice table for four, so we had plenty of room. Howard ordered a bottle of red wine (still my favorite) and we had a delicious dinner, lots of garlic bread, pasta and music as we were surrounded by the 3 men walking around the tables playing wonderful Italian music. I was delighted, not only that but I thought Howard was wonderful and a very special guy. He listened as I talked and I think I talked the whole night. I arrived home around 3 a.m. and went right to bed, I had to be up by 6 to go to work.

The next day my Mom asked if I had a good time, and I told her I did, and hopefully, Howard would call again. By the second date we both knew…we met in September, became engaged after Christmas, and married in June, 1952.

Later, I heard that his Mom asked him if he had a good time, that first date, and he told him Mom, she is a nice girl, but she talks too much. The next day she said, she heard him on the phone, and he said he was talking to me.

We never get tired of talking to each other and to this day we enjoy each other and our conversations. We did it all with Love and Kisses.

I get a love not every morning with my coffee.

I once said, on National T.V. that we were two halves of a whole, while each retaining our own identity.
Try it, it works, as does love and kisses.
Keep love and kisses in your life.


  1. Great love story, Helene! We’re coming up on our 45th anniversary in a couple of weeks. It’s been up and down and back and forth, all these years, but I don’t regret a moment of it. I think love is a verb. It takes action.

    • Helene Moore says:

      It’s so worth it. All of life is full of joy and sorrow, ups and downs, it’s how we cope with our problems, and our attitude that keeps us going. Love is the greatest tool on earth. L&K

  2. You could not of found a more wonderful man. As you know by now.Hard work but well
    worth it. So many years and so many memory’s that you will cherish and love.

    • Helene Moore says:

      So true Jim, no one can take away our wonderful memories, and we are still making new ones.
      He is my wonderful man, my handsome prince. Thank you for your comment.