Medical History Updates

I knew somewhere in my brain that we all need medical histories. But it wasn’t until my daughter’s doctor asked for one that I sat down and recounted all that I knew.

Before this, I always told the kids, we come from good genes, my four grandparents lived to be in their eighties.

Then I had to break it down. I remembered that my grandfather had had TB and had been sent away for a rest, that he smoked and drank to excess. I remembered that my grandmother had bronchial asthma, and we always called her “The Princess and The Pea.” Do you think she might have had Fibromyalgia??? She got breast cancer in her eighties. Does this count?

My parents had arthritis, my father had a stroke, and he died from colon cancer. I always said that he ate the fat, then ate the meat. Did that matter? I doubt it. My parents both smoked. My mother died from Emphysema.

I have asthma, and other things also. But they belong in my medical history and not here. My point is that all of us should sit down and write out our medical histories. It’s important for our children and grandchildren to know all the facts.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene