Moore First Lines

As I have said before, I like doing First Lines, so I never have to face a blank page.

Here are a few more of my First Lines:

“Every time a writer puts his thoughts on paper, it’s a new beginning.

You robbed your mother of her greatest joy!

The bond between families is like elastic, it expands and contracts (during crisis) as needed.

The camera catches every flaw and this time was no different.

How can you hear, when you are so busy interrupting?

The evening shadows danced across the wall as she cringed in fear beside the bed, never taking her eyes off the gun pointed at her face.”

I hope some of you who like to write will start a short story using one of my first sentences.

It’s family time for me this week. Seeing all the family on Saturday, my birthday, and seeing each part of the family one day at a time. It’s such fun.  So no, they’re  not tired of us yet.

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Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene