Moving and Memories

As I said yesterday, I am working on the art. I also found something I wrote for Anthem Authors that is connected to the art and it is so cute, I thought I would share it with all of you.

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Helene Moore

The silence in the living room was broken by the sounds of wrapping paper sliding to the floor. Everyone sat up straighter. Immediately awake and terrified someone new was going to usurp their hard earned territory.

Who was this intruder? How large was he, how expensive? Was he going to take up too much room too much conversation? Buzzing nosily amongst themselves they craned their necks looking over or under each other trying to see this new intruder. Why was this happening? Weren’t they exceptional enough to stand alone without anyone invading their space?

Their mingled conversations grew louder sounding like a drum roll in a symphony. The sounds splintered, bouncing off the walls intense and angry. Sobbing sounds intruded into the room, as they heard the corrugated carton ripping open providing them with new fears about their future.

They held their breath, each offering prayers they wouldn’t be the one relegated to a less prestigious location.

The bronzes leaned heavily into their pedestals. The oil paintings flattened themselves into the walls. The glass and porcelain daintily hid their eyes. The etchings felt gray and blah, sure they would be the ones removed. The lithographs looked at one another, wondering if there were too many of them. The commissioned ones looked haughty sure they had a home for life.

As they looked around fully aware how crammed all the walls in the house were, they feared for their lives.

Wait, hold on, he’s coming out of the box. Who is it? The voices once again became shrill, then silent as they held their breath anticipating that first glimpse.

The sobbing stopped. The voices quieted and in awe they reflected on the beauty of this new piece of art. Surely they all belonged together in this house of lovers. No one would have to leave their home. Settling down they wondered where this new elegant piece of art would be placed. Hopefully somewhere near them.

(C) Helene Moore

I thought it was cute, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Keep love and kisses in your life and remember to Adopt A Caregiver and tell them your friend Helene sent you.