My secret journal, Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask is the story of my caregiving life for the seven years my husband’s Alzheimer’s was kept a secret. This very personal, heartfelt journal contains the hopes and fears of my secret.

When my husband Howard finally read the journal years later, he said it needed to be published.

It wasn’t until I did self publish Behind The Mask that I realized the book had a purpose. It was to show what the caregiver is feeling and to alert everyone that Alzheimer’s is not contagious, and the caregiver is eventually abandoned.

I would like to change that. I would like everyone to adopt a caregiver.

It’s really easy. As simple as listening to see if anyone in your own neighborhood is a caregiver, then email or call, and stay that person’s friend throughout her entire ordeal.

If you have easy ways to adopt a caregiver, be sure to write me and we can share ideas. If you are a caregiver, please write and we can share ideas also.

I’ve been busy knitting for underprivileged children, and knitting a scarf for breast cancer.

I’ll be with my family in California from Friday, tomorrow until Tuesday of next week.

Talk to you when I get home.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene


  1. J.Sonneville says:

    Hi, Helene,

    To be honest, I don’t visit blogs much but enjoyed this one. Lots of info about multiple subjects. I think the appeals for reaching out to a caregiver should be very effective. As my children struggle trying to take care of their now disabled father and maintain lives of their own, I can easily understand how people without family close by and staunch friendships could end up isolated.

    Sometimes, though, I think people hesitate to let others know how bad things actually are–whether from some need for secrecy, as in your situation, from “not wanting to bother” anyone, or from a sense of pride–(I’ve been the victim of my own false pride so I know that one firsthand!)
    I want to encourage everyone to give someone else a chance to help, a chance to feel needed and a chance to show their love & caring by letting them know what’s going on. Everyone will benefit from their honesty–a true “win-win” opportunity.