One Of My Rambling Writings

Out Of The Box

by Helene Moore

The box is a metaphor of life. I used to be in a box and no, it wasn’t fun. Dwelling in the past dredges up old painful memories, and a few good memories.

But now, life is beautiful. No longer is my inner self hidden away in a box. I am free. Free to soar, to speak freely, and to make amazing new memories.

I’m even free to be a kid again. To remember the good memories, few as they were at times when I was young.

I like the new me. My best qualities are still hanging around with my permission, and those oher qualities are allowed to come out and play, but under restrictions.

I try not to allow anger and mistrust o fill my days. Those thoughts fly in and are blown out gently but firmly.

Instead I have the time to make each and every day a day filled with love and sunshine.

The box sits inside, empty, tied with a purple ribbon. I’d gladly give it away, but I need it to remind me of who I am, where I’ve come from and where I’m going.”

Just one of my ramblings as I call them. Pick a word or phrase and let the words fly out on the paper.

Remember to keep love and kisses in your life. Helene