Out Of The Box

This is something I wrote a while ago. I think it applies to all of us, including caregivers. Writing is good for the soul. It frees our mind, lets it soar, brings things to a natural conclusion.

This is one of my Reflections of Me that I wrote:

“The box is a metaphor of life. I used to be in a box, and no it wasn’t fun. Dwelling in the past dredges up old painful memories, and also some good memories.

But now, life is beautiful. No longer is my inner self hidden away in a box. I am free. Free to soar, to speak freely, and to make wonderful new memories.

I’m even free to be a kid again. To remember the good memories, few as they were at times.

I like the new me. My best qualities are still hanging around with my permission and those other qualities are allowed to come out and play, but under restrictions.

I try not to allow anger and mistrust to fill my days. Those thoughts fly in and are blown out gently but firmly. Instead I have the time to make each and every day a day filled with love and sunshine.

The box sits inside, empty, tied with a purple ribbon. I’d gladly give it away, but I need it to remind me of who I am, where I’ve come from and where I’m going.” by Helene Moore

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene