Need to Adopt A Caregiver

Behind The Mask, is every caregiver’s story and now it is no longer a secret and the book is being read. People I know are coming up to me asking how they can adopt a caregiver. I would like all the caregiver associations to offer suggestions as comments on my blog. To help me to help them.

I have told people in my neighborhood to listen for new caregivers. I would like the caregiver group to contact me and give me some names that I personally can pass on to reliable people who want to participate in adopt a caregiver.

One day hopefully caregiver groups, doctors, nurses, hospices, high schools will contact me and we will get lists going. For those to need to be adopted, and those who want to adopt a caregiver. Just to write an email, to know someone can listen, offer a joke once in a while, just be there.

If anyone has information, or knows someone who needs a friend please contact me by email, and I will do the best I can finding someone to write to the caregiver. I know what it’s like for these people and as time goes by, their friends and family visits dwindle down to nothing. It’s very depressing, and hard work to be a caregiver. It’s a 24/7 job, a hard job watching someone you love, who looks the same, but is no longer the same.

The best advice ever given to me, “You have to live in their reality.”