Behind The Mask by Helene Moore gave me a good review.  My book was reviewed by Rod Clark and says in the last paragraph the following:

“As the new century opens and more and more of us are living longer, diagnoses of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and similar ailments are becoming more and more common–and stories like Helene’s and Howard’s are something that many of us are familiar with. However, knowing of the problem and living with it are two very different things. Few of us would face such a trauma with this much strength and dignity, and still fewer would have the courage to write a book like this and share it with the world. Kudos to Helene and Howard, and good luck to them both.”

Behind The Mask is every new caregivers story, their emotions, how they cope, and try to live every day with a smile. They don’t want to talk about it or complain. “They don’t want to be a burden to anyone.

The purpose of my book never came to light until after it was published.  My vision is for everyone to adopt a caregiver and give them some support, a little friendship, and something to look forward to. A simple email will do. Please share this with others, and do adopt a caregiver.

One person can make a difference, with a little bit of help. I need your help.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Now What Happens

Where to go from here? Thinking about adopting another caregiver, thinking about running a caregiver group. God knows I know what these people are feeling. Just maybe my approach would be a bit different, maybe I could help them get through another day with a smile, or a request they do something for themselves. Read a sentence from a book that makes sense for them, send them an email joke that is funny and sweet, and maybe just for a moment they will forget the loneliness in their situation.

Behind The Mask is a caregiver’s story, it’s every caregivers story, but most of all, it’s my story. Each of us is different. Too many people have come up to me and said I never knew it was like that. That’s because caregivers don’t want to talk about it, they have to live it. They think their situation is unique, and most of all they don’t want to bother anyone.

Please adopt a caregiver. Let them know you care, you can listen, not judge, be there when they need a minute to talk.

It’s been a busy week, my Fibromyaalgia and chronic fatigue have been awful. I’ve been eating too much, doing too little. But listening has always been my strong suit. If you have lost a loved one, if you are going through a divorce, the feelings are the same. I was with someone going hrough a divorce, and she told me that she was eating too much and not caring how she looked, hadn’t bougjt anything new in ages, and I said to her, “I said all that in my book. I let myself go and that was an ugly realization. And I was losing my hair.”

The stress level takes it’s toll. But if my adopt a caregiver program comes to you, please make an effort to allow someone to adopt you. It might make a huge difference in your life since this person is not part of your family, in fact you may not know them at all. Give them a chance. and please send email or comments to me and i will try to answer each and every one.

Buy an autographed book and let me know your thoughts.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene