Home, Exhausted, Satisfied

We came home from California this afternoon, and we are tired. The drive wasn’t too bad, not much traffic and we made great time.

We actually accomplished so much in the five days we were there: we signed the lease for the apartment, we notified the utility companies, have a new phone number, and the most important thing of all we saw the entire famiy, or most of them.

Another thing we accomplished, we bought all the furniture we need for the new apartment, and arranged delivery before we arrive since my daughter said she would pick up the keys for us and be there when they brought the furniture in and set it all up. Now that is a good feeling.

Now we have to finish packing, and do the things around this hose that we need to do before we move. It’s just all time consuming and back breaking, other then that it’s fine.

And our life goes on, still doctor appointments, haircuts, lunch to say goodbye to dear friends.

One of our neighbors is giving a block party to say goodbye to us and our next door neighbors who are moving to Georgia.

Anthem Authors is also throwing a party for me. I’m smiling…I will surey miss everyone in AA. I am so proud of that club and all it’s members! Cheers to you guys, all of you.

Keep your spirits up, and keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

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