Henderson Senior Center

We had a wonderful time today at the Henderson Senior Center during their board meeting. We were their guests, and we heard about some of the activities they are doing to help our community in mid and low income families. Also as guests were the Visiting Angels, whose purpose is to send caregivers to homes that need them. They also have a Response Link for safety, independence, and peace of mind. Two companies doing their share of giving back. It was a great afternoon.

Thank you for inviting us.

It seems there is a link or a bond between people who are trying their very best to help caregivers. The patients are being cared for, they have their medications, but the caregiver has the responsibility, and the emotional outlay, coping with the details that go on and on for their spouses, or parents, or grandparents. It’s a hard life, being a caregiver.

Lets not give up on them. Plant a seed, word of mouth  is potent. Lets watch that seed spread. The caregivers need some relief. Even an email can help.

Adopt A Caregiver, it’s not hard.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Home From California

Loved seeing the kids and grandkids. Loved seeing my married granddaughter (yes,the one who designed the book cover) have us over for dinner. Gracious, loving, caring, that is what family is all about. My entire family is excited over the coming events for my Adopt A Caregive program.

It’s another journey in my life, this time a lifelong journey. Behind The Mask was an uphill battle of coming back into the light and love and kisses around me. This journey is more exciting. It’s not a secret! In fact, I want everyone to know about Adopt A Caregiver. Word of mouth is moving along nicely.

Several people have asked me to send them my book, Behind The Mask, like the Alzheimer’s Association, and The Lou Ruvo Brain Institute here in Las Vegas. The Henderson Senior Center has arranged to help me in many ways. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

I know we can’t wipe away all the caregivers tears, but we can make them less depressed, knowing they have a friend they can talk to, and vent to without censure. It makes such a difference in their lives.

I’m speaking at the Henderson Senior Center tomorrow at 4.pm. and will tell you how that went.

I took the DVD that the Lifelong Learning Center here at Anthem made, and showed them to all my family. They loved it, they love what I am attempting to do, and they are behind me 100%. I love them for their attitude on Behind The Mask, and Adopt A Caregiver.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

A Few Days Off

Visiting our kids and granchildren for a couple of days. Will post something on Sunday night.

The Henderson Senior Center has adopted my cause. I am going to be speaking to them on Tuesday afternoon, and am looking forward to telling them about my new journey, Adopt A Caregiver.

Loved Sarah Palin’s speech, it is time for change.

Granddaughter Allison is busy working on new brochures for me, hopefully in a couple of weeks i will have them. I want to give them out at my speaking engagements, but also to doctors, churches, synagogues, hospices, hospitals, and anyone who will take them. Thank you Allison for all your hard work and beautiful finished products, the book cover, business cards, bookmarks, and now brochures.

Everyone take care, and think about my plan to adopt a caregiver. It would mean so much to someone in pain who is lonely and possibly can’t or doesn’t want to go out.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene