I Lost Tonight's Blog

I have no idea what I did, but I lost tonight’s blog.

I was writing about Journaling, and about tips for writing memoirs.

Let me see if I can reconstruct what I wrote, since I do not use notes.

Journaling. Just write whatever comes to mind, phrases, about your day, your goals, what you are grateful for, anything that comes into your mind.

Memoirs, also keep it simple. One of the easiest ways to start a memoir, is to write it as a letter.

Dear —-, Remember when we, or, I wanted to talk about the time, or, this is so hard to talk about that I thought I would write to you, or, the most traumatic time of my life was when.

Keep it simple. Another way of doing memoir is to write out simple phrases in 10 year increments in your life. Mine would read something like this:

10 years old: we moved away from family and friends, it was 1941 and the war had just started and my father needed a job.

20 years old. I got married….

By the time I was 30, I had three children.

At age 35, we went through a personal bankruptcy

by age 50, we had restarted and sold our business, and moved to N.Y.

Using mind maps, like the branches of a tree, or look online for Mind Maps, and fill them in. Just keep it simple. It’s an easy way to start.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene Moore