Word Of Mouth

Adopt A Caregiver:

Word of mouth is potent. If I can plant a seed and watch it grow, it will be worthwhile.

One person can make a difference; with a little bit of help. We can’t wipe away all the tears from the caregivers faces, but we can do something to show we care. We can listen. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

Remember that caregivers are men, women, and children. Don’t forget the kids. They are starting to go back to school now, and if they are caregivers or caregivers helpers, they think no one understands what they are going through, and they keep it all inside. Do not leave them alone in their misery.

I know men who are dressing their wives, who have learned how to put makeup on for them, and sometimes they even spritz some perfume on just because they know their wives or mothers or grandmothers like the smell.

Remind caregivers to take care of themselves. Send and email, tell them you are here to listen, to let them vent, send them a list of things you could do for them. An email, or a card goes a long ways to making a caregiver smile.

If you want to Adopt A Caregiver, call the local Alzheimer’s support group in your neighborhood, tell them about Adopt A Caregiver, ask them to let  you adopt one. Or go to the Mayo Clinic, or the Alzheimer’s Association, the Cancer  website, remember a caregiver is a caregiver. They need our help and support. They are too tired, to depressed to go out to support group themselves, especially if they can’t find someone to sit with the patient.

My book Behind The Mask, is every new caregivers story.

Lauren Kessler’s book, Finding Life in the Land of Alzheimer’s looks at life in an Alzheimer’s facility. It’s a marvelous  book, a different perspective. A great gift, something to read and ponder, to talk about at book groups. I loved it and I learned so much from her story. Thank you Lauren Kessler.

When I start my new book, Adopt A Caregiver, do you want me to post some portions of my story here? Let me know, send me an email, or comment at the end of this blog.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I try to get the word out about my Adopt A Caregiver program.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene