My Writing Group

Either my life story, Reflections of Me, is  boring or too depressing, no one is reading it, so I will discontinue it for awhile.

In the meantime, I have started a writing group here in my new senior community. We have a great bunch of writers, all writing something different. They are anxious to learn and to share. And I am loving it. I give out a few too many handouts, but I told them to either save them for future reference, or they can throw them away.

Last week we had a guest speaker and talked about personality. Good for themselves and for their characters.

This week,( we meet on Mondays), I am going to ask them if they would like to start a fun project. I call it Bits and Pieces. Inside this incredible notebook we will include things like: lists, quotes, characters (and I do mean characters, did you ever meet someone who was a gossip, someone who talks funny, and I don’t mean accent, or a character that is colorful,  someone that Damon Runyon would have written about.  Also include, expressions, closets, homes, cars, snippets of conversation.

I like lists of words. I use them for vivid verbs, and for scenes. By that I mean that I write something like Ocean and I list all the words that describe ocean, or a doctor’s office, or mall, or bar, or any scene that will be upcoming in my blog, my story, or a future story. It’s great fun and gets your thinking cap on.

Also include pieces of journal entries or Memoir questions. Brainstorm parts of a scene,  or use a mind map. Highlight journal entries that you can use later for a short story, or just something you want to remember.

Clustering is also a great tool for words and scenes.

Use colored markers or pens, have fun with doing this. Use newspapers, exciting lines from books, magazine, anything that excites you and sparks your imagination.

This is fun, informative, useful and challenging to the writer. To us. I will see how my group feels about d0ing this on Monday. Come back and I will talk about it.

I’m in the process of doing and ebook called First Lines.

I’ll leave you with three new ones and use them to start your story. Never stare at a blank page again.

1. My parents told me that I no longer exist.

2. One last look at him and her blood pressure skyrocketed.

3. The phone rang, but no one was there.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Until next time Helene


My lists keep growing. I have to unpack my winter clothes, probably throw out the things I can’t fit into anymore. I have to store my summer things. Where? Have to get used to apartment living.

The vest I was knitting. It’s too hard. It was marked easy, and it’s not. So, I guess, I will have to sit in the knitting store as I knit it. Or have someone else finish it for me. Too expensive, I think. I’d rather be knitting for the new baby coming in five weeks!!!! Can’t wait. I already have my eyes on a baby sweater..

Lists of things to do, things I want to do. Lists of things to write about, memoir stories, short stories. Lists of cleaning out clutter. How does it accumulate so fast. We’ve only been in California since May!

Guess I’m just a pack rat. Lists of things I shouldn’t do anymore.

Hey, I’m human. Thank God.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Waiting To Hear From You

Would love to hear from all of you. About adopt a caregiver, Behind The Mask, about yourself as a caregiver, ask questions, answer questions, add comments about how you would adopt a caregiver.  I”m making a list of all the things we can do when we adopt a caregiver. Send an email, phone, card, note, or even some flowers. There are so many things you could do, even pray. What is on your list?

I’m having finger surgery tomorrow, so won’t be able to write for a few days.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene


My Head Is Whirling

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The days are flying by. I’m eating too much, thinking too much about how to market Behind The Mask, waiting for more comments and feedback and not doing any exercise. That pretty much sums up my last couple of weeks.

I’m still taking orders for Mask, mailing a few every day. It’s not on Amazon, yet.

Today I had my writing club, Anthem Authors, or as my husband fondly says, “My wife is going to AA today.” I love the variety of stories, memoirs, essays, novels read by my fellow writers. Unfortunately, I haven’t been reading anything new, because I haven’t been writing.

When I get into this kind of writing slump, I write lists. Or take words out of the thesaurus and write a short story using disjointed words. One of the best short stories I wrote stemmed from the words: bum, bookstore and one other that I can’t remember.

Lists are great. They can be to-do lists, word lists, lists that bring forth memories for writing your memoirs, any kind of list will do. I’ll share some of mine with you from time to time.

Another kind of writing I love to do is write First Lines. Instead of facing a blank page and wondering what to write about, I keep several first lines available. I can share them with you if you like, writing is a great hobby, and a great healer.

Tomorrow I’m going for a computer lesson. Then it’s off to the knitting store. A favorite place to hang out, buy beautiful new yarn, and not think about the things I should be doing.

Come back soon, and I’ll have a list of my lists written down, and I’d welcome any feedback as to what you do with your lists.

Until next time. Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene