Happy 2014

Wishing friends and family a very Happy and Healthy New Year.
Have any of you made resolutions?
Not me, not anymore. I always used to and then realized I did the same ones every year. So this year I decided to do something different.
I would do three things every day, and check them off as I did them.

What are those three things?
1. write
2. meditate
3. walk

Looks pretty simple, doesn’t it? Well, I aim to do just that, keep it simple and keep doing it every day.
I might check in here and let you know how I’m doing.

What are you doing? Have you made a special commitment? Would you mind sharing?

I love my time by myself, I love my time with Howard and my family, especially the Inner Circle.
My husband Howard is doing great, considering his diagnosis, again, of Alzheimer’s Disease. Can you image that, twice in twenty years.

One day at a time, that’s our motto, with as little stress as possible.
Do you know what else I did this New Year? I have cut down the number of things I’ve been doing. Hopefully, that will help me attain my three thing goal for everyday.

At our age, the doctor appointments are atrocious, but again, one day at a time.
I’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, keep love and kisses in your life, and remember no one can take away your memories.

An Old Post That Is Still Meaningful


Today is August 20, and this appeared on my blog several years ago.

The most important things in my life are my family and friends; my passion for writing, reading and knitting; and my self respect.

My book, Behind the Mask, shows the complete range of emotions a new caregiver goes through each day.

Alzheimer’s disease is not contagious, yet the caregivers are usually left alone without the support of friends and neighbors, even family. This disease can last for many years, leaving the caregiver worn out and alone.

Adopt A Caregiver is my unique way of giving back. All you have to do is check your neighborhood, your social clubs, church, synagogue, your doctor’s office, the Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s message boards, and the Mayo Clinic message boards.

Just send an email or phone the person who needs a friend, listen and come back often to let him/her know you care and are thinking of them. Just being there to listen is a huge help.

Adopt a Caregiver. Give something back: Contribute to the well being of people who are so busy caring for others.

The above was on my blog a few years ago.

Now I’m faced with my husband’s new diagnosis, early stage of Alzheimer’s Disease,

We are taking it one day at a time, making memories each day and being grateful of the time we have together and with our family. They are our greatest supporters.

Keep love and kisses in your life.

Before It's Too Late

I’ve been rambling again, thinking about things we mustn’t forget. Our selves, and family and long ago times.

Remembering childhood, growing up, where we lived, what it was like being part of our family. Sharing this with our children and grandchildren.

Remembering others who helped us become better people. Reconstructing our lives, making sense of it. Acknowledging our mistakes, learning from them.

Forging ahead from where we started, learning our selves and how to make ourselves into people we want to admire. Helping others as we ourselves were helped.

Listening to the lessons of childhood, school, war, each decade teaching us something more. Growing up, getting married, having babies, how our lives changed.

Responsibilities, commitments, thinking of others instead of our selves and noting decisions made, and roads we took and how they affected us as young adults.

Moving on in life, working, entering mid life. Observing our own family, making new memories. Our children grew up, went to college, left home, got married themselves. Grandchildren came and time flew by faster.

Before we knew it our golden years arrived uninvited. Are we just going to sit here and let them slip away, unnoticed? How are we going to preserve these magical moments in our lives? Are we able to make a diffrerence in one person’s life? Have we learned from our mistakes? Will we remain rold models in our family’s lives?

It’s true no one can take away our memories. But we need to pass on what we have learned. We must reach out to our families who still need us, to our neighbors and friends, to lend support when needed.

Our lives stood for something. Maybe in some small way we helped build truth and character, kept our children free of drugs, made better schools and better teachers and hope our experiences and our wisdom can be shared.

Before it’s too late, we need to think about this. To preserve our memories, to continue our growth and learning, we need to keep our minds and bodies active.

I wrote this several years ago, funny how it holds true today.

And, I am helping others. I started Adopt A Caregiver, please go to www.adoptacaregiver.org and read about it.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

This is something I wrote about eight years ago,

“I think about the yesterdays in my life. Some were earth shattering, devastating and difficult to think about, others made me smile and remember all the good times, the romantic times and easier times.

Life goes by so quickly and frankly I want to remember all my memories. That’s what they are, memories. They can’t hurt, they have no power over me.

As for today, today is wonderful. Free, fun, doing whatever I want, deserving each and every precious hour, savoring new memories to hold close to my heart.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow, no one know what tomorrow holds in store. Whatever comes, we have to take, graciously knowing it’s within our power to smile and embrace tomorrow and remembering it will soon be yesterdays memories.

It’s important to make every day a happy, magical memory to store and treasure within our hearts.

No one can take away our memories.”

Well, I didn’t change a word, it all stands true today as well. I wish all of you a wonderful Sunday.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Moving And Memories

As I clean out drawers, files, pictures, the art files, I am flooded with memories. I made myself a promise this morning, after the move, and we get ourselves situated and into our new routine, I have to start writing again.

My projects are many and varied, and I am not getting any younger. I have my Reflections of Me, which is either an autobiography, or a memoir, my short stories, my book called Love and Kisses about the art collection, and something I call First Lines. I have over five hundred of them. I’d like to put them into an      E Book. Of course, I have to learn how to do that first.

Adopt A Caregiver, will still be first on my list. I have a whole new city and state to choose from. I will be glad to speak to communities, groups, national organizations, churches, synagogues, caregiver groups, anyone who will listen. Every community has caregivers, and we must help support them in their time of need. I promise to do that every chance I get.

Adopt A Caregiver and tell them your friend Helene sent you.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

Give Thanks

Before we know it Thanksgiving will be here, and believe me, there is always a lot to be thankful for.

I’ve been sick for almost seven weeks, not able to function some days, and doing a lot of thinking.

I’m so grateful that I no longer have the threat of Alzheimer’s hanging over my husband’s head. There are so many people affected by disease, by divorce, sickness, death and some just worry over nothing.

The important things in life are free; we are Americans; we are free. Lets keep things in perspective.

Make every day a magical day. No one can take away our memories. Our happiness depends on us.

Support the caregivers. Adopt A Caregiver if you can, tell them your friend Helene sent you.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene