Thank You

Thank you to Gloria and all the men and women who came this afternoon to hear me speak about Behind The Mask, and Adopt A Caregiver. I’m so sorry that some of you could not hear me It has been a bad Fibromyalgia day, and my voice wasn’t strong eough to carry throughout the room. I appreciate your listening, and your comments, and again thank you.

Thank you to Linda Abbit for including me in your blog, www.tenderlovingeldercare. com  I will call you when we come to California. Promise.

And thank you to Elizabeth who also included me in her blog.

And coming up this week, a huge thank you to Gary and Steve who will help me straighten out my website and blog. Hopefully, it will make it easier for all of you to comment, and I would love your comments.

I am speaking to Senior Resources on Thursday.

I’d like to thank the U.S. Patent office, but I have not yet heard from them. I am trying to trademark Adopt A Caregiver. We are also talking about setting up a Non Profit this week.

Yes, I’m a busy lady. But as the doors are being opened, I am going through them., Sometimes head first, and sometimes upside down.

I feel blessed and grateful that these doors are opening, one by one.

And I feel blessed and grateful that word of mouth, which I say, is so potent, is starting to work. One by one, we will help all the caregivers. Starting in our own community.

In our community, that is how is should be, one community at a time. Every community has caregivers. Find them, befriend them. They need someone. Let it be you.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene


  1. Helene,

    Please go to my blog..I gave you an award.


  2. Hi Helene – I know Linda Abbit. She’s the caregiver I told you about in my email. She writes an awesome blog.