The Last Dance/Writing Practice

The Last Dance
Diana knew this would be an extraordinary night. She took a leisurely bath, filling the tub with scented oils. Vanilla and sweet almond oil mixed with lavender surrounded her with lazy luxury. It had been a long time since she felt so calm.
Lying back in the tub, she went over the plans for the coming evening. When she was finished bathing, she stepped out of the tub. Diana knew she was ready.
When she was dry, she powdered her body with a silken scent, then threw a short silk shirt over her naked body. She didn’t tie it, just let the robe flap around her as she walked across the soft carpet into the bedroom. There, on the bed, was her husband, her best friend and lover for forty wonderful years.
Diana climbed into the bed. Tenderly she touched Stuart’s face. His eyes blinked once, she nodded in response. Reaching up, she kissed his eyelids, her hands moving down his still body. She rubbed her breasts along his stomach and reached downward and felt his erection. She looked into his eyes and once again, he blinked at her, this time very slowly.
One last dance, she thought as she put him inside her body. One last dance, bittersweet, loving and sensual. One last dance, she’d make it beautiful for both of them.
Later, when her heartbeat returned to normal, she looked again into Stuart’s eyes. He blinked. It was time.
Diana lifted the silken pillow, gently placing it over her beloved’s face.
Please God, let it be quick.
She lay across his heart, holding the pillow tight. His agony was over. She let her tears fall across his chest.
The last dance was over.


I wrote that sometime during my husband’s first diagnosis. Significant, not sure. This will be one of many writing practices I will put on my blog. I hope you come back to read them sometimes.

Keep love and kisses in your life.

Remember to Adopt A Caregiver. Give the gift that lasts forever and costs nothing.