The Paper Boy by Helene Moore

Tommy finished folding the last newspaper and threw it into his bike basket. He was supposed to be finished in time for school, but one of his bike’s tires kept going flat, and he’d been late three times this month for school.

He rode to his destination, a four story low-rise building in his neighborhood. He grabbed the basket of papers and ran up the four flights of stairs. He always started on the top floor then went down to the next floor. Every floor had it’s own smells. Today was no different, cabbage, onions and garlic on the fourth, and he wrinkled his nose.

Quickly, he started down to the third floor where he smelled laundy and flowers. He completed his task and ran down to the second floor. That went well, no dogs barking, no one opened the door to talk. Then he finished the first floor in record time. Just as he was leaving the building, he spotted something shiny on the floor. He bent down and picked up a silver dollar. Wow, this would fix his bike tire for sure.

He closed the door and walked outside. A little boy was sitting on the step crying. Tommy stopped, and sat down next to the little boy. He’d seen him before, and he’d always seemed sad, but this was the first time he saw him cry.

“Hi, I’m Tommy. I deliver the newspapers here. What’s the matter?” Tommy put his arm around the little boy’s shaking shoulders.

“My grandpa gave me a silver dollar and I was supposed to keep it safe. I lost it, and I lost my grandpa too. He died yesterday.” He started to cry again.

Tommy thought that was horrible. He put his other hand in his pocket touching the silver dollar. He pretended to bend down, “Look, you didn’t lose it. It’s right here in your shoe.”

The boy smiled through his tears and rubbed the dollar and then gave Tommy a big hug. “Thank you. Now I feel like grandpa is still here with me.” The boy touched his heart, then jumped up and ran inside.

Tommy kicked his bike’s tire and said,  “You better be good, I need to get to school.”

When Tommy arrived home, his grandpa waved to him. “Hey Tommy boy, I got my Social Security check today. Time we got a new tire for your bike. Let’s go.”


“Yep, now.”

“I love you Grandpa.” Tears came to Tommy’s eyes, as he realized how much he loved his Grandpa.

This is a little story I wrote and how I wrote it is simple. I picked three words: newspaper boy, bike, silver dollar, and I created this little story.

I hope you like it because sometimes I would like to put my little stories here on my blog.

Keep love and kisses in your life. Helene

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